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Manufacturing Method

The surface of the glass forming the reflection imaging surface is processed by two methods of electroless silver plating and vacuum evaporation. The most commonly used method is the electroless silver plating method. This method is to dissolve silver nitrate in water, add ammonia and sodium hydroxide solution and diluted into silver hydroxide ammonia complex salt, made of silver plating solution. To convert sugar or formaldehyde, sodium potassium tartrate solution as a reduction solution. Glass cut, edging (if necessary, also by grinding and polishing), the surface was washed with a dilute stannous chloride sensitization, and then washed, and then silver plating solution and the reduction of liquid mixing immediately immersion surface, the mirror After the formation of washed, then copper and painted protective paint. The vacuum evaporation method is to wash the glass in a vacuum deposition apparatus with a vacuum of 0.1 to 10 Pa to energize the helical tungsten wire to evaporate the helical aluminum alloy into a vapor state at a high temperature to form a mirror surface on the glass surface. Electron gun can also be used instead of tungsten heating. Vacuum evaporation can also be smooth metal surface into a mirror.