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Wiping glass

Wiping glass

1: first, wipe the glass glass frame clean with a towel, and then stained glass glass blowing water diluted solution, uniform from top to bottom with glass, repeat the above process, the glass blowing from top to bottom and scraped, with a dry towel wipe box on the left water marks on the glass. The water mark must use windscreen clean, otherwise it will leave a mark on the glass.

2, the proportion of vinegar and water in proportion to 1: 2, put into the spray, spray on the glass and then wipe, can be clean very clean.

3, in the basin with 5% ammonia solution or gasoline, the cleaning of the glass, the glass to be slightly dry with a dry cloth to wipe clean, the glass can be clean, bright and transparent. use different models of the window wiping device to see whether it is a double glazing or a single layer of glass. It is convenient, labor-saving and safe to use the window cleaning device.

4, such as the surface of glass mildew, can be mixed with hydrofluoric acid (HF) proportion of water 1: 8 (Note: more than 1: 8, it will damage the hand, wipe the glass). Attention: we must do a good job of corrosion protection, the skin can not contact HF, otherwise it will be seriously corroded! Wipe the glass after the end, with water and then wipe it again, and finally wipe glass.